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  • Magen Cubed ✨

    Magen Cubed ✨

    Writer. Curious spaces and relative strangeness. Rep'd by @Booktrope. Superhero novel THE CRASHERS out now. In an internet power couple w/ @melissadominic

  • lmao soooo

    lmao soooo

    ive not cum in 8 years to my knowledge

  • F O X H O L E

    F O X H O L E

    Original monthly essays by independent journa-blogger Foxy Jazzabelle. Life from all its intersections.

  • Aida


    Equality is not about putting someone else down to bring yourself up. - Free, open & feminist internet. @GenevaGIP @CIG_online @SEEDIG2017 IGF MAG member

  • Claire Robsahm

    Claire Robsahm

    Independent contractor in the video gaming industry. Opinions on politics and video games, often both at the same time, from a feminist perspective.

  • Hazel


    Kill all men, eat their hearts.

  • Benjanun Sriduangkaew

    Benjanun Sriduangkaew

    Cute bugs and ruthless queer ladies, that's me:

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