Therianthropy, Otherkin, Alterhumanity: The Normie’s Guide

Artist is @andraconix
Courtesy of Orion Scribner
A woman who believes she is a literal fox, in New York City!!!
Found online. For anti harassment reasons I am not naming the author of this post.

Views On Non-humanness:


Experiential (What Is it Like?)

In my case, a fox!

This isn’t perfect as nothing can be, but it’s a good representation as to how I see myself. The hair and fur, are dyed.

Phantom Limb Syndrome

What I describe above is commonly called phantom limb syndrome, which is something that most often comes up when one talks about amputees. I want to take a second to talk about that here. Here’s a brief display, although whether you believe in the last two panels is up to you. by Orion Scribner

A Brief Aside and Some Scientific Papers:

I’ve read the descriptions of amputees experiencing phantom limbs, and I don’t believe that what many therians experience is the identical experience as that. But I also know therians who describe a nearly identical experience. And it’s not just amputees who experience phantom limbs. Transgender people report them too. So perhaps the term needs to be broadened, perhaps we need separate terms? I don’t know. And this piece isn’t the space for that discussion.

Mental Shifts

Put briefly, a mental shift is any shift from minor to major away from “Human” thinking or behavior and towards “animal” thinking and behavior. This of course assumes a binary that not all people have. It’s more like a 3D plane where some people are static points and others move dynamically.

Exhibit A: A Normal Fox
Exhibit B: A Normal Fox

So Why Does this Matter?

Because it’s a real thing. It’s a real phenomenon. It has material costs and consequences. There haven’t been studies done on therians, and I think those studies would be different than ones done on say, furries or the like, for a number of reasons.

How to Treat us with Basic Dignity and Respect

Listen to us.



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Alexandria Christina Leal

Alexandria Christina Leal

She/They, NAS TSEng, UW Foster Alumna. Enby Femme 🦊 Shapeshifter — Trans — Feminist — Survivor. Opinions mine alone. 💜 Alpha, @lizthegrey, & more! Av @hibbary